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There is no need to sacrifice taste in the pursuit of health. If you are used to high sugar/salty/fried foods, over time your taste buds will shift to tasting the subtleties of what is actually in your food. Many companies use chemicals and high fat/salt/sugar to distract you into the addiction of empty food. What does that mean? It means your purchase of their product holds more value to them than the harm their product is creating in your body. When you eat whole foods that grow from trees and roots in the ground, your body will thrive. We are meant to eat foods that eventually decompose. The perimeter of the grocery store is where you will find most of what nourishes you. These recipes are some of my favorite ways to feed myself and my family with little effort. I'm all for the occasional long list of ingredients, especially when it comes from my favorite chef Yotam Ottolenghi, but the weekly responsibilities of life with young kids in tow keeps me on the hunt for quick, yummy, rotational meals.

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