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Bye Bye Pain,
Hello Pleasure!

For women who want to love their body, feel confident, and erase pain.

Dance Brave™ uses two modalities to exquisitely optimize your mind and body. 


The Sensual Method™ builds confidence in intimacy, assists to regulate the nervous system, cultivates deep self love, and eradicates body shame. 


Role Model Method™ reduces chronic pain, improves performance, addresses scar tissue, fascial adhesions, overused, underused, and abused connective tissue.

If you feel inhibited to express yourself fully with others, the journey toward growth starts here. Dance Brave builds confidence and a sense of safety in your body. Discover how connecting to your sensuality is key to expanding into all of who you truly are. Dance Brave helps to regulate the nervous system, build strength, own your lusciousness, and love your vulnerability.

Nature wastes nothing. Time to use what your mama gave you!

Heal Chronic Pain

Reduce Stress

Ignite Joy

Eradicate Body Shame

Build Confidence

Improve Your Relationship

with Intimacy

Feel At Peace In Your Body

"I love this woman!!!

Tiffany Chambers-Goldberg has taught me so much over the past 5 + years, well beyond movement. She is a constant source of knowledge and a reminder that ‘It’s all good’, no matter what. Our twice weekly sessions are always different based on how I’m feeling and always beneficial. Tiffany is a godsend in my life!" 

Ricki Lake

TV Personality/Actress

Documentary Film Maker

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The Secret Sauce

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