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Discover how to heal chronic pain, soothe your nervous system, and claim your sensuality. Dance Brave™ is a holistic, integrative program designed to turn your mind and body into an environment to thrive in. You know how broccoli is good for you, right? However, if you ate only broccoli as your vegetable, you would be nutritionally unbalanced. Moving and healing your body is no different. You need a multitude of movement "vitamins" to both stimulate and settle your nervous system into optimum health. Each Dance Brave™ course targets an aspect of systemic healing. 

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SELF CARE Therapy Balls Yoga Tune Up Roll Model® Therapy Balls
SELF CARE Therapy Balls
Yoga Tune Up Roll Model® Therapy Balls are a pain relief game changer. Therapy Ball work teases out areas of discomfort from old injuries, emotional trauma, scar tissue, and repetitive stress movements.

Move your body through various movement therapy and joint mobility exercises to maximize your range of motion, reduce pain and potential injury. A pain free body is a happy body!

H.I.I.T. and Weight lifting for women

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) uses short blasts of hard work so you can move through them quickly and feel energized for your day! Increased stamina and strength leaves you feeling connected to your whole self, powerful, and bad ass in your pants.

Weight lifting
Strong is sexy!  Pushing weight improves mood, metabolism, sleep, energy and increases libido. This is not for bulking up (you can add more weight and reps for that), but rather to create stability and prevent fractures as we age. Plus, it creates sexy curves!

embrace self-acceptance by honoring the present moment AND your curves
Women are vilified for embracing sensuality every day. Now it’s time to own what is rightfully yours. Learn how embodying pleasure using all of your senses, can enhance every aspect of your life. The quickest way to transform an emotion is to MOVE YOUR BODY!  At Dance Brave™, we celebrate the nuances of emotion, feelings, and senses. Depending on your mood, your movement may be giddy, nervous, sad, angry, and/or feisty. Discover how to banish limiting beliefs, embrace self-acceptance, savor the present moment, and unleash the bad ass bitch inside you.

healing recipes that support cognitive function, balance hormones, and eliminate sugar cravings.

How you feed yourself with food is imperative for feeling your best. You will learn how to decipher and honor what your body really craves emotionally and how those cravings link to food choices. At Dance Brave™ we will nourish ourselves in every way with healing recipes that support cognitive function, balance hormones, and eliminate sugar cravings. I am sharing everything I have learned about nutrition and healing from the inside out. Included for FREE, are my favorite recipes that are delicious, easy to make, and great for your body. 

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Ricki Lake
TV Personality/Actress
Documentary Film Maker

"I love this woman!!!

Tiffany Chambers-Goldberg has taught me so much over the past 3 + years, well beyond yoga. She is a constant source of knowledge and a reminder that ‘It’s all good’, no matter what. Our twice weekly sessions are always different based on how I’m feeling and always beneficial. Tiffany is a godsend in my life!

 Jill Miller
Creator of Yoga Tune Up®, author of The Roll Model

"I have known Tiffany for more than 14 years as both a friend and a student of my work. She is that rare teacher who can make you feel at ease as you face internal challenges and conundrums. Her teaching builds body confidence and soulful quietude, both necessary for the creative journey her teaching facilitates. Her intuitive skills match her technical wizardry and if you are lucky enough to study with her, you will be seen, heard and nurtured." 

Sonya Walger

"Tiffany is so so much more than a yoga teacher. She's not only the most knowledgeable, intuitive, gifted instructor I've ever had the pleasure of working with, she's also the funniest. We've worked together through both my pregnancies, C sections, shoulder injuries, with babies crawling over at least one of us, and I am stronger in every sense thanks to her meticulousness and care. Her understanding of anatomy is unbelievable, her sense of what your particular body needs, and her ability to offer yoga that is at once restorative and deeply challenging is unlike anyone I've ever worked with. I feel deeply lucky to have her in my life." 

Sarah Court DPT
     Dr. of Physical Therapy

"Tiffany seamlessly blends her years of training in yoga, meditation, kinesiology and nutrition for a personalized, unique and holistic approach to each client’s needs. Her years of personal experience with movement and meditation place her gracefully at the top of LA’s yoga teachers. Thankfully, she skillfully infuses her teaching with a wicked sense of humor to make sure nobody is taking themselves too seriously." 

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Get in now and begin your journey to getting into your grooviest groove. Light your fire. Love what you see in the mirror. Quiet your mind, and tantalize your taste buds! I am so excited to share this with you and I can’t wait to Dance Brave alongside you!

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