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What kind of a person made this Dance Brave situation?


Tiffany Dawn Chambers-Goldberg,

C-IAYT, C-IYTT, LMT, is a Chronic Pain Therapist, Sensual Integration Practitioner, and the internationally renowned creator of Dance Brave™. Dance Brave™ is the culmination of 30+ years of intense fitness, nutrition and anatomy studies; teaching Yoga Tune Up® and sensual movement. Tiffany's roster includes high profile celebrities (Ricki Lake, Robbie Williams, Lily Allen, India Arie, Ciara), ADIDAS, Equinox and private clientele. Passionate about feeding both body and mind, it wasn’t until Tiffany found pole dancing and sensual movement that she gained full clarity, focus and purpose. The difference between moving her body and becoming physically embodied is what ignited her relationship of loving the self. Dance Brave™ bridges the gap between the life practitioners have, and the life for which they long.

Tiffany's greatest passion is working privately with clients. Individualized one on one attention creates a rich, safe environment where before you know it, you are loving the skin you are in. With ease, humor, and the ability to make hard things enjoyable, Tiffany has a strength for easing even the most hesitant into embodied freedom.

Now it's time to have fun, get strong and open your senses.
A holistic fitness program designed to wake your soul.


I want you to feel amazing without having to deprive, or overwork yourself to get there.

The goal is to get strong, erase pain, improve range of motion, reclaim your sensual self, and quiet the committee in your mind. The techniques taught in Dance Brave have helped countless people accomplish all of this. Dance Brave takes care of your injuries, stabilizes your joints and builds strength and stamina. It quiets the mind and lights up your joy and creativity through sensual embodiment. 

You AND your Mama!

Whozit For?

Dance brave was created for women who crave a loving relationship with their body that is strong, free from injury, and full of pleasure.

This is for the woman who craves to embrace her right to feel great in her own skin. For the woman who is ready to walk away from self comparison and lean into the power of loving her unique self.

This is for the mamas who feel devoid of libido. Who feel it's a chore to have sex or who don't know where to even start again. It's for the mama who feels disconnected from her sensual self after days/years of no sleep, work, giving, giving, giving. The mama who feels out-touched and exhausted from the mental load of household responsibilities.


" Tiffany embodies what it means to live with integrity, teach with passion and celebrate what it truly means to be a woman. Her commitment to progress transcends the work and her nurturing personality reaches each and every client in a unique way. " 

Nina Lalezari - Nina Elle Jewels

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