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"Tiffany is so so much more than a movement teacher. She's not only the most knowledgeable, intuitive, gifted instructor I've ever had the pleasure of working with, she's also the funniest. We've worked together through both my pregnancies, C sections, shoulder injuries, with babies crawling over at least one of us, and I am stronger in every sense thanks to her meticulousness and care. Her understanding of anatomy is unbelievable, her sense of what your particular body needs, and her ability to offer yoga that is at once restorative and deeply challenging is unlike anyone I've ever worked with. I feel deeply lucky to have her in my life." 

Sonya Walgur


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Private Sessions

I love what I do!

I love sharing what works. I love witnessing clients step into the part of themselves that lights up their life.

Schedule a private session with Tiffany to address your specifically unique needs and feel better in your body today. One on one attention allows you to address individual questions and apply Dance Brave™ modalities in real time.


Schedule a FREE Dance Brave™ consultation and get clarity on how to fast track your relationship with your mind/body into a life brimming with pleasure.

I have extensive training and certifications in multiple movement modalities including Yoga, Structural Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Tune Up, Scar Tissue Remediation, Strength Training, Meditation, Aerial arts, Nutrition, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Anatomy, and Breath Therapy. As a fitness professional of over 30 years, a Bodyworker of 15 years, and a competitive gymnast, I know the ins and outs of strength and recovery intimately. The methods of this program complement one another so beautifully that you will feel strong, sensual, and full of life!

I am not a Dr., licensed Therapist, or Nutritionist. I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. If you have ANY pre-existing medical conditions, you should discuss your specific condition with your doctor PRIOR to doing any exercise program, including Dance Brave™.

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Limited range of motion is often a result of scar tissue, repetitive stress injuries and/or neuroplastic pain. It is imperative to both rehydrate connective tissue to regain mobility/reduce injury, as well as create a safe space for your brain to let go of the pain response. With personal attention, together we will address your unique needs and you will be amazed at how quickly you will be feeling better!


Through this modality, you can transmute both emotional pain and joy into a body that feels light and free. The quickest way to change any emotion is to move your body. And yes, it’s sexy, but not because you are trying. It’s sexy because moving from a present, honest moment is gorgeous! Depending on your day it may be giddy, sad, angry, or feisty because that’s how you’re feeling. We are multifaceted and, at Dance Brave™ we celebrate the nuances of emotion, feelings, and senses!


I'm sure you've heard it all before. "Meditation has changed my life". "Meditation has healed my illness". Blah blah blah... You might feel that you have tried to meditate and can't do it. Or it just doesn't work for you because your brain can't get quiet. JOIN THE CLUB. That's ALL of us. Meditation is not meant to arrive at zero thought. It is a tool (the golden ticket as far as I am concerned) to begin the journey into somatic awareness.