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1. I have a pre-existing medical condition, is it ok to do Dance Brave™?

If you have ANY pre-existing medical conditions, you should discuss your specific condition with your doctor PRIOR to doing any exercise program, including Dance Brave™.


2. I am allergic to latex, is it ok to use the Roll Model® Therapy Balls?

If you have a serious allergy to latex we recommend you not use the Therapy Balls as they are made of a natural latex rubber. If you have a mild allergy to latex you could most likely use them as long as they are not in direct contact with your skin, but rather used with a layer of clothing between you and your skin. As with any medical condition, however, we highly recommend you consult with your doctor before use. 


3. How often should I Dance Brave™?

Dance Brave™ can be done daily. Some days you may want to spend 5 or 10 minutes. Other days you may want to devote 30 min to an hour. You will custom tailor your movement based on what you need for each day. Whole body health is created through various movements, strength training, and active rest/recovery. We recommend starting 3 times a week, but daily is an absolute option for feeling your best!


4. Am I too young/old?

This program is for any age. It can be scaled up or down to suit your needs.​


5. What equipment do I need?

I suggest at minimum to purchase a set of original Yoga Tune Up balls in order to address range of motion, scar tissue, and injury repair. This program is filled with prop use however, so if you would like to participate in its totality, please refer to the Store tab.


6. Do I need a pole for Dance Brave™?

No. The pole is not necessary to learn the sensual movement portion of this program. The pole is a tool/prop simply for expanding your movement  repertoire and bodies desire to fly, climb, and get strong!


7. Can I do this program at home? 

Yes! You can do this on a yoga mat, either on carpet or a wood floor. We love our faux sheepskin rug during the sensual movement for its cozy soft texture.

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