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Sensual Saturdays

A Donation Based Monthly Offering

Every FIRST Saturday of the month

11am-12pm EST

Next Session TBD

Dear One,

This home of yours inside of your body is a playground of sensation.


She is the cosmos, the ocean, the craggy mountains and everything in between.


She thinks in FEELS and when she is in her full turn on, she is the portal to your creativity.


This is intuition.


This is the creative life force flowing through you.


The world is starved for the feminine, especially the woman herself.


How long have you waited to feel whole?


For how long have you felt that your erotic nature is lying in wait to be tapped, but fear the wrath of cultures' shame?


What do you think will happen if you surrender to pleasure?

Perhaps you will expand into your fullness.


You Belong Here

Every First Saturday of the month.

8:00am-9:00am PST

11:00am-12:00pm EST

Zoom & Spotify Playlist*

No sign up necessary, just click the zoom link below to join.

This is a donation based offering.

Give what is comfortable for you using the link below.

*Must have a Spotify Premium Subscription

(with no ads) to participate.

Creating Your Movement Space

The following suggestions are for creating an “ideal” movement space, but not all the recommendations are necessary. Use what you have.


  • A candle.

  • You will want to carve out a private area with enough floor space to lie down and stretch out in all directions. It’s ok if you are nearby a bed or couch or other soft surfaces (in fact, they may be fun to explore these surfaces).

  • A soft floor covering such as a movement mat, faux fur rug, soft blanket, or something like this as a cushion for your body.

  • A spot for your computer to be where you can hear my voice as you move and rest. It won’t be necessary for me to see you, but you may want to be able to see me.

  • A separate Bluetooth speaker for playing the music playlist. This will allow you to adjust the volume of both my voice and the music as needed. If you don't have a speaker, you can play it from your phone.

  • To access the music playlists, you will need Spotify Premium Membership. This will allow you to play the music in the intended order and without advertisements. New link each month added above.


Nice to have, but not necessary…

  • A way to lower the lighting in the space where you are. For example, by closing window shades or dimming the overhead lights. This can provide your beautiful body with a greater sense of privacy.

  • Pillows or blankets in your movement space for coziness and as sensual touchstones.

  • If you use fire-burning candles, be sure they are safely up and away from your movement space. Electric candles can be a nice alternative if you have some.


What To Wear for Movement

I recommend you wear comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in with ease, particularly fabrics that feel unrestrictive, invite flow, and feel good on your skin. However, you interpret this is exactly right; trust your instincts.

I promise, that you can't mess this up.

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