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Basil Salad

What do you know about basil salad? If you have never had one, welcome to your new favorite side dish. Serve it alongside pasta, quesadillas, fish/chicken if you eat them. SO easy, kids eat it, and tastes special!

Image by Yakov Leonov

1 Tbsp Olive oil
4 cups of basil
1/2 cup pinenuts
1-2 pinches flake sea salt

*Serving Suggestions


Pick, rinse and dry very well the basil. You don't want any water droplets left behind so it is a good idea to rinse it, dry gently on a tea towel and leave out for an hour or so to air dry the rest.
Just before serving, lightly toast the pine nuts over low heat so not to burn. When lightly toasted, toss with basil, olive oil and a pinch of the flake sea salt.
*The warmth from the pine nuts really  brings the flavor of the basil out even more.

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